Hackathon: Build a Version Controlled Knowledge Graph of All of Human History

Hackathon call:

Work with TerminusDB and TerminusHub to Build a Version Controlled Knowledge Graph of All of Human History

Sign up to participate in TerminusDB’s track to transform the The Global History Databank by enriching it with data drawn from the DBpedia, thus becoming a knowledge engineer.

Unlike most other knowledge graph databases and knowledge graph based software, TerminusDB is open source (GPLv3). We believe in the ideals of the open source, open data and open science movements. By participating in this Hackathon, you will contribute to making the world more open.

It is easy to get started with TerminusDB and TerminusHub - just download the analytic engine, clone all of DBpedia from Hub and you will be up and running inside 3 minutes. Check out this video to see how quick it really is.

TerminusHub is the future for collaborative data integration. With TerminusHub You can share, build and integrate databases with your team and the wider world. Your project can keep data synchronized with TerminusHub and make the latest data accessible to your team no matter where they are:

  • Full versioning so you can roll back and travel through time Create data projects, build automated data pipelines or just access your databases easily through the cloud
  • Private or public collaboration - depends on what you need
  • Built for agile teams who’d rather spend time exploring and building than managing databases

This is your chance to join the pioneers at the forefront of the data-centric revolution!

A cash prize of EU 500 will be awarded to the best hacker, and a swag bag, including a hoodie, an ancient history toob and other items will be awarded to all participants.

The Hackathon Instructions

Attending the hackathon is at no cost. Registration is required: sign up here. You could also email luke@terminusdb.com, DM me (luke feeney) in the DBpedia slack, or join our Discord. If you join the Discord server and send a message in the DBpedia channel, you will get a special role in the server. Hackathon coordination will be in the Discord server. You can also just register for the webinar below and I will put it all together.

If you want a different challenge, choose a public dataset from somewhere else and do something cool with TerminusDB and TerminusHub. All entries, no matter how unusual, will be considered (thou you will want to choose one that will be interesting to explore and analyze by creating a knowledge graph).

We will be hosting a public working session to kick off the hackathon. The team from TerminusDB will be joined by Peter Peregrine to introduce the Seshat conflict data. We will then work to integrate that data with DBpedia and set goals and questions for the DBpedia hackathon.

This hackathon will provide a very practical demonstration of the value of the rich semantic information accessible through DBpedia. It is at the cutting edge of digital humanities and long scale historical research.


  • Introduction Working Session Webinar: Sep 22, 2020 04:00 PM London Time. Register Now
  • Hackathon begins directly after session: September 22st, 2020
  • TerminusDB will host regular stand-ups to engage with participants and to help with any issues.
  • Hackathon submission deadline (3 min video and 2-3 paragraph summary with links): October 1st, 23:59 London Time
  • Hackathon final event (recap of the track and prize announcements):October 5th, 16:00 CEST, 2020

What will earn you the prize?

A cash prize of EUR 500 will be awarded for the best use-case, and a swag bag, including a hoodie, an ancient history toob and other cool items will be awarded to all participants that submit an entry.

If at any stage you require assistance with the platform, we will be glad to assist you. We are always available on Discord.